What is the price of a LaMutata GTS 500?

The costs are related to the effort and which components are to be installed. It starts at around € 15,000.

How long does it take to do a conversion?

The conversion takes at least 4 months and depends on the workload. The demand is great – so it can take a while. In 2021 no more than 5 vehicles will be built to maintain exclusivity.

How does a conversion work?

A conversion is completely tailored to the customer’s requirements and is discussed in detail beforehand. A donor vehicle can be provided. The conversion includes almost all components of the vehicle and is accordingly complex.

Which models can be converted?

Basically, all Vespa GTS can be converted. 

How does a GTS with a 500 engine drive?

Very good. The slightly longer wheelbase, the improved chassis and the large brake system allow the converted Vespa to drive smoothly and safely. The significantly higher-torque engine accelerates the Vespa very confidently even at low engine speeds.

Which engines can be installed?

Engines of the master engine family are installed, as the Piaggio Group has installed in many vehicles and is still installed in the MP3 to this day. The output of the 500 series engines is 39 to 44 hp.

Can I drive it completely legally?

Yes, we can offer homologation for Germany. Homologation in other countries cannot be offered at the moment. For EU countries German registration might help for importing and registration.

Is there a conversion kit?

No. The changes are too extensive that it is not possible to offer a kit to make yourself.

Do we ship to destinations outside Germany?

We are working on it. If you are a dealer – please contact us.